A young, woman with the guise of a peasant and the bearing of a queen



Lady Nineve is a hardened, practical worker of magic. Of peasant origin, she struggles for the betterment of the commoners, often against the nobles or church, if necessary. She appears to be quite young, though with Ladies of the Lake that is no guarantee.

With the departure of Viviene from the island, she has assumed responsibility for guarding Britain from supernatural threats.

Notable Traits

  • Energetic
  • Lustful
  • Valorous
  • Love (Goddess)
  • APP

Campaign Interaction

Year 489

  • Asked King Cadwy to send knights to help her cleans the Crimson Lake of its corruption
  • Appointed caretaker of Britain by Viviene

Year 490

  • Was present in the snowstorm that covered the escape of the Cornish knights.

Year 494

  • Leads a group of knights into the Forest Sauvage, in search of a cure for King Uther
  • Opens a path into the Kingdom of Sauvage at Sir Liam’s request
  • Heals Uther’s wounding.

Year 496

  • Oversees the funeral of King Uther at the Giant’s Circle – later renamed Stonehenge

Year 500


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