Pendragon: Chivalry is Magic

Year 506 - The Golden Rose

Amidst military campaigning, a moment of reflection is sought

Spring Liberation

The call for battle went out early to the Salisbury knights this year. Earl Roland summoned his army to assemble at Sarum, as the plan was to meet up with the forces of King Nanteleod in order to liberate the county of Summerland before King Idres could muster an appropriate defense. With frost still on the ground, the knights of Salisbury marched out to confront the Cornish occupiers.

Perhaps used to their tactics, King Idres marched to oppose the two-pronged attack, and bolstered by both Irish and continental mercenaries his numerical disadvantage was slight enough to not pose a challenge. However, as the Battle of Bristol commenced , the forces of King Cadwy emerged from the swamp to threaten Cornwall, and King Idres recognised that as defeat was likely, chose to order a retreat. Somerset was liberated!

A fine victory was won, but King Nanteleod refused to rest at this. Thanking those present, he announced that outliers he had dispatched before the battle reported that King Cerdic had taken their absence as an excuse to march on Salisbury. No doubt expecting the Cornish forces to weaken the British army more, King Nanteleod now commanded a force larger than the one he set out with, and ordered a march back to Sarum.

Sir Isadora had been mustering for a Siege with what forces remained, but as the army marched to their defense, she rode out to meet up with the collective forces, and counter-charged Cerdic. The Wessex forces were now apparently allied with Port, and though the fighting was intense, the Battle of Sarum was eventually won by the British forces. King Cerdic and Prince Cynric both managed to escape, but the knights won a decisive victory over both groups threatening them, and a great celebration was held that day honouring all who fought.

Summer Questing

With the Cornish and the immediate Saxon threat beaten back, the knights got to enjoy a pleasant summer questing and adventuring. One such morning found Sir Cynehild summoned to meet Nineve along with some of her friends for a quest. Answering the call came Sir Dragain, Sir Gwynhael, and Sir Carver, and the four rode to meet the Lady of the Lake.

Nineve explained that she had heard rumours of a beautiful golden rose growing in the North, and asked the Knights to promise to quest to find it. Each giving their word, Nineve smiled and said that the path would no doubt reveal itself. Less than a minute after taking their leave, the group found themselves set upon by a knight in rusted armour, who claimed to be the protector of the Golden Rose, and came to stop them from claiming it.

The Rusty Knight swore that if they could best him in contests he would reveal the location of the Golden Rose, but if they failed they must swear to give up the quest. Expecting an attack, the Knight instead confronted the knights with a ferocious test of singing


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