Pendragon: Chivalry is Magic

Year 507 - The Dowry of King Leodegrance

A call for aid reveals an unusually circular table

Spring Feasting

The year opened with Salisbury riding high. King Nanteleod had unified most of Cambria, and the lords of Logres were predominately coming around to accepting his rule. Both King Idres and King Cerdic were silent following their defeats in the previous year, and even the weather seemed to be favouring the lands. The good tidings led to the Lady Elana to call a feast in order to spread her fortune throughout the land.

Sparing no expense, she procured many odd dishes – the vulture being a particular favourite – and many knights of the realm got to enjoy themselves. Sir Isadora took a small tumble that was passed off well, Sir Aquila was notably forgiving towards a slight done to him at the feast, Sir Peregrine embraced her newfound piety, and Sir Heddwyn managed to do absolutely nothing notable at all.

As the feast wrapped up, the next goal of Logres was revealed: Take back London from the Saxons that had conquered it! King Nanteleod would throw all his forces into supporting Duke Ulfius, and the barbarians would be driven back. Earl Roland agreed, and the army got ready to march. For a chosen few though, a request for aide from an ally had to be honoured. King Leodegrance of Camliard had requested help following a raid from King Ryons.

Sir Dragain was the only knight to leap at the call, owing a former allegiance to King Leodegrance. For the rest, Sir Beorhtric, Sir Heddwyn, and Sir Aquila also answered the Earl’s request, and separated from their forces to ride north to Cameliard.

Summer Quest

King Cameliard graciously received the knights, and thanked them for coming to his aide. His request was a simple one – he and his men had been attacked by King Ryons, and the Northern King had stolen from him an item that was to be of dowry for his daughter later in life. His knights had clashed with the thieves to forestall their escape, but it was believed they were making their way north to the Perilous Forest, whereupon he would lose them. No more than a handful remained, and he asked that the knights ride to try and pick up their trail, and retrieve the item.

The Northernmen were heavily weighed down by a massive wagon pulling the item through the woods, and Sir Beohrtric was easily able to pick up their trail and pursue them. Though their quarry had indeed made it into the Perilous Forest, their trail was indeed slow going and the knights were able to catch up to them. A pair of enemy knights, and half a dozen mounted soldiers escorted the wagon through the forest. Though Sir Aquila proposed an ambush, the rest of the knights eschewed such a tactic, and instead opted to face their foe in open combat.

The Knights of the Perilous Forest laughed at the Salisbury demand to surrender, and confidently stated that King Ryons would be arriving soon, and it was they who should surrender to him. With discussion impossible, a fierce skirmish begun and though the Salisbury knights were outnumbered, and their enemy fought with passion, ultimately the men of King Ryons were slain, and the wagon reclaimed.

The thought turned to the possibility of capturing King Ryons, but as all were injured from battle and King Ryons was said to be descended from a giant, it was thought better to complete the quest. Their exit from the Perilous Forest was a challenge, with large rats and shadowy birds dogging their heels, but eventually Sir Beohrtric led them out, and back to Cameliard.

King Leodegrance was quite thankful, as the item retrieved was originally intended for King Uther Pendragon. a mighty round table to seat him and his best knights. With the fall of the Pendragon line, he now wanted to entrust it as dowry for his daughter Guenevere. Thanking the group again, they were welcome to rest at Cameliard to regain their strength in his Hospitality.

Fall Conquest

King Nanteleod meanwhile was not idle. With his army assembled, Duke Corneus launched an attack on London, and King Nanteleod cut off the reinforcing Saxons and slew them, winning the day for the Britains. With London back in British hands, great honour was bestowed on those who fought, and many knights took the time to try the legendary sword in the stone that was in the courtyard there, though none could pull it out.

The land resumed its peaceful ways, and some knights even ventured as far north as Malahaut to attempt The Richmond Caverns for the first time in over a decade. With Nanteleod proclaiming that next year King Cerdic would be the one to face his vengeance, it seemed that at last things were going the way of the Britains…


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