Pendragon: Chivalry is Magic

Year 514 - The Wedding of King Arthur

A joyous union, and a sorrowful reunion

Spring Weddings

With the uprising of King Lot behind them, everyone in Britain hoped there would never be war between the British again. It was time to focus on a higher calling, like warring against the Saxons. It would have to wait though, because High King Arthur Pendragon was getting married this year. Arthur had fallen head-over-heels in love with Guenever, the only daughter of King Leodegrance, and a lavish wedding was in order for all nobility and knights of the land.

Almost all knights were in attendance, but only Sir Peregrine and Sir Gwynhael managed to attend the mass in person, while Sir Dragain ran from the sound of the church bells and Sir Esme began ranting to anyone who would listen – of whom there were few – that Paganism was being unfairly denied these days. Following mass and the exchange of the vows, came the true success – the gift giving!

Sirs Peregrine, Dragain, and Gwynhael all presented their gifts and asked for nothing in return but the King and Queen’s happiness. Sir Esme did the same, but also asked for her children to be knighted when they came of age which Arthur agreed to – and everyone realised was probably a better thing to ask for. Following gifts from the royal couple, the wedding feast began!

The knights had many fun events during the day, Sir Peregrine delivering a great toast to those who would listen, Sir Dragain talking to many of Faerie Lore, Sir Gwynhael entertaining many with her singing and Sir Esme demonstrated her rebated sword skill in impromtpu challenges. The feast was interrupted by a great commotion as a hart, sixty-one dogs, a woman, and a black knight all burst upon the scene causing great confusion and commotion. In the aftermath the lady had been kidnapped, and Merlin the Magician told Arthur this was a great wonder, and knights should be assigned to solve this.

Sir Gawaine was tasked to bring back the white hart, Sir Tor was told to bring back the white dog, and King Pellinore to rescue the lady. Sir Gawaine’s quest ended in disaster with the tragic slaying of a Lady, while Sir Tor was successful in his own. King Pellinore also succeeded at the cost of ignoring a Lady in distress, but the woman who was kidnapped was Nimue, the new Lady of the Lake. The assembled knights applauded these stories they took no part in, and the wedding was a great success for all concerned.

Summer Questing

As the knights were released from service, Sir Dragain asked his three friends if they would accompany them to the land of Gwaelod in search of his missing brother Aos-Si. Many years ago his druidic brother had set off for the Cumbrian land in search of their mother, the Countess Traymor. It had been many years since they heard from him, and one of the rebel kings from last year was King Gwynfor, the son of the long-dead Count Gwyddno and the assumed ruler of the land. With the rebel lands now subjugated, it was hoped that they could discover the truth of what happened to the two missing O’Malley family members.

Gwaelod was as inviting as history remembered it, being covered in endless rain – even by British standards – and the ever present smell of the sea. Still though, the peasants were wealthy and inviting, and the Tower by the Sea still stood like a beacon drawing the knights in. Sir Peregrine needed to wash some mud off of her clothes, leaving the other three to greet the new King Gwalchmei – who was found to be a one year old baby. Countess Traymor was in attendance and serving as the chancellor for her grandson, and greeted her son and his friends warmly, and was more than happy to put them up for a time. Unfortunately for Dragain, his brother Aos-Si had been thrown into the dungeon under the orders of the old King.

Traymor said she was unable to “free” Aos-Si, but welcomed the knights to stay as long as they wished. From talking among the castle, they learned of the importance of the line of Kings in Gwaelod, and if it were ever broken the dam that held the sea back would break, flooding the kingdom, and killing any who remained inside. A point of view held to be bad. They also went to the dungeon to speak to Aos-Si, and learned that Gwalchmei’s mother disappeared shortly after the death of her husband. Needing more information, Dragain and Esme went to ask a nearby village for more information, while Gwynhael and Peregrine stayed behind to interrogate the castle workers.

Traymor and Gwalchmei had retired, but the group in the castle noted that there seemed to be a lot of food heading to the dungeon, and theorised the missing queen might be down there. Dragain and Esme learned little from the village, but they were attacked by a water monster on the way back to the town which was apparently a common occurrence inside of this kingdom. Pooling their information, they went to the dungeon to free the imprisoned Queen.

After doing so, the Queen called the knights to come with her to free her son so that they could leave this cursed land – which Countess Traymor opposed. Despite being uncertain, the Knights sided with Countess Traymor to protect the land, and returned Queen Eliuned to her cell. Countess Traymor promised to raise King Gwalchmei to assume his duties, and though uncertain, the knights returned home to tell of their adventure.


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