One of the most powerful, and wicked, magic users of her age


A beautiful woman, or at least so she chooses to present herself as usually, Cerridwen was an old foe of Merlin the Magician who the old Druid was always able to best, but never truly defeat. Following Merlin’s departure for the continent, she has returned to the British Isles to dominate those she finds.


Campaign Interactions

Year 500

  • Enslaves King Meliodas and many knights of Lyonesse
  • Driven off by the Knights of Salisbury, but not slain. Sir Cynehild is marked by her blood.

Year 502

  • In secret, Nineve, Duchess Ellen, and Sir Cynehild conspire to turn Cynehild over to Cerridwen to quell her wrath, until Nineve can find a way to kill her.
  • Cynehild forced to duel a fiend from Hell without respite for Cerridwen’s amusement

Year 504

  • Nineve and some Knights discover the secret to her weakness, and Cerridwen is slain.


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