Countess Traymor



The countess of Gwaelod, and wife to Count Gwyddno. In 480, she claimed to be a prisoner of his, and asked the knights to free her from her servitude. Initially she had approached Sir Caelus who had rebuffed her, and then Sir Liam who was much more open to her advances.

Despite her request to do so in underhanded methods, Sir Liam proposed the challenge of the Swan Knight which was accepted, and upon winning it she was truly free of the land. She has since become his concubine at Tangley.

She birthed a child with Sir Liam in 494.

Childbirth Notes

  • Year Born: 450 (34 in 484)
  • Children Born: 2
  • Culture: Half-Faerie
  • Family Traits: Surprisingly Deductive (+5 Intrigue)

Countess Traymor

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