Duchess Haywen

Deposed leader of Rydychan


The Countess of Rydychan, her husband was killed during the massacre at St. Albans, and she assumed control of the county. As she is without children, there was no direct heir and she showed no signs of remarrying, leading to discontent among her people. While she and her loyalists were away, a group of rebels seized power, and she has been exiled.


Campaign Interaction

Year 502 – The Remains of Uther Pendragon

  • Attends the conference on King Nanteleod, where she expresses enthusiasm, but notes her knights are less willing to pledge to him
  • She is overthrown at the conference, and her loyalists defeated upon their return.

Year 503 – The Silver King

  • Accepted as an exile inside of Salisbury

Duchess Haywen

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