Duke Corneus

Duke of Lindsey, and reluctant vassal of King Uther



The Duke of Lindsey, or “The Reluctant Vassal” as he is often called; some what unfairly, as constant raids around Lincoln have tied up his forces for years. The friction from his proximity to King Heraut de Apres of Malahaut does not help matters in his Kingdom.

Notable Traits

  • Energetic
  • Prudent
  • Valorous

Campaign Interaction

Year 487

  • Witnessed the sword Excalibur wielded by King Uther, and re-pledged fealty to him in front of the knights of Logres.

Year 490

  • Had his forces relieved at the Battle of Lindsey, and witnessed the dance of Duchess Ygraine

Year 494 – The Forest Sauvage

  • Lindsey is invaded, and Duke Corneus injured

[[Year 495 – St. Albans | Year 495 – St. Albans]]

  • Was not present at St. Albans due to injuries sustained during a battle with the Saxons of Nohaut

Year 500 – The Tragedy of Meliodas

  • Recovers from his injuries, and begins to raid Escavalon

Year 502 – The Remains of Uther Pendragon

  • Constant raids from Malahaut and Nohaut force him inside of his castle, where he tries to wait out the invaders.

Year 503 – The Silver King

Duke Corneus

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