Duke Gorlois

Duke of Cornwall


Duke Gorlois is an aged and grizzled veteran, born in 429. He was the first from Cornwall to support Aurelius Ambrosius, and was one of the High King’s fiercest supporters. He was honoured with a Dukedom, and has since guarded it against regular Irish raids.

He is noted for his tremendous loyalty to his wife and personal courage. He is aging and many believe that he will soon depart from the battlefield.

Notable Traits

  • Chaste
  • Energetic
  • Valorous
  • Loyalty (Vassals)
  • Love (Ygraine)

Campaign History

Year 480

  • Duke Gorlois was present at the Battle of Salisbury and the death of High King Aurelius Ambrosius. He single-handedly prevented the rout of the British army, and killed the Saxon King in charge of the army.

Year 481

Year 482

  • Present at the Conquest of Summerland

Year 485

  • He and his wife welcomed their third daughter, Morgan, into the world.

Year 489

  • Faced down the forces of Salisbury and Summerland, but ultimately submitted to Uther’s rule in exchange for re-affirming his right to rule Salisbury
  • Pledged to bring his army next year to crush King Octa and King Eosa in the North.

Year 490

  • Fought at the Battle of Lindsey, and personally captured King Eosa
  • Was denied permission to leave by King Uther, and forced to leave in the dead of night.

Year 491

Duke Gorlois

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