Earl Roderick

The Earl of Salisbury and vassal to King Uther



Duke Roderick of Salisbury was the ruler of Salisbury and the liege lord of the player knights. Residing in Sarum for a notable portion of the year, his progress takes him around his lands. Duke Roderick was an energetic lord and a passionate follower of the Pendragons. He always mustered to battle when called and was considered an excellent general, having proved himself against the Saxons of the east.


Campaign History

Year 479

He was responsible for knighting Sir Gariant, Sir Liam, and Sir Caelus as well as awarding them their family manors in exchange for their service.

Year 482

  • Did not attend the Conquest of Summerland, as he instead took Sir Amig and present Salisbury claims against the county of Somerset while King Cadwy could not defend his lands.

Year 484

Year 485

  • Attended the funeral of Sir Gwyllim, and was later elevated to the rank of Earl for the performance of the Salisbury knights at the Battle of Mearcred Creek.

Year 486

  • Assigned the Goblet Knights to garrison duty instead of raiding in Lindsey, setting in motion the chain of events that led to the presentation of Excalibur to King Uther.

Year 487

  • Present at the submission of Lindsey
  • His heir, Roland, was born. Rumours of infidelity between his wife and Sir Gwold were disbelieved.

Year 488

  • Led his troops to Frankland under the command of Prince Madoc. Refused to contradict the prince, and ordered his troops to withdraw with the rest of the army.

Year 489

  • Banished Greid from his court for the death of Sir Caelus, and instituted a law banning fights between Salisbury knights with non-rebated weaponry.
  • Present at the submission of Duke Gorlois to King Uther.

Year 490

  • Attended the Battle of Lindsey, and witnessed the dance of the Duchess Ygraine

Year 491

  • Besieged Castle Terrabil, and led the charge following the death of Duke Gorlois

Year 493

  • Enters into negotiations with Malahaut to war against King Ælle.
  • Suspects betrayal and is captured anyway. Later ransomed back to Salisbury.

Year 495

  • Fights and survives the Battle of St Albans, but dies at the Infamous Feast

Earl Roderick

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