Duke Ulfius

Sheriff of Logres and Duke of Silchester



Ulfius is the Duke of Silchester, who inherited power from his uncle after the Night of Long Knives. He is the most powerful noble in Logres, with access to the immense wealth of London, a large swathe of land, and a strong army of loyal knights.

Notable Traits

  • Proud
  • Prudent
  • Valorous
  • Loyalty (Uther)

Campaign Interaction

Year 487

  • Accompanied King Uther to Lindsey to witness the submission of Duke Corneus.

Year 488

  • Present at the battle of Bayeux, and was among the first to follow Prince Madoc’s orders to abandon the field.

Year 489

  • Though his knights were busy fighting King Ælle, he obeyed Uther’s muster in marching on Cornwall.

Year 490

  • Attended the Battle of Lindsey, and witnessed the dance of Duchess Ygraine

Year 491

  • Besieged Castle Tintagel. Present at the mysterious visitation of the ghost of Duke Gorlois

Year 492

  • Stood with King Uther in the trial of those accused of aiding Merlin in stealing Ygraine’s newborn child

Year 495

  • Wounded at the Battle of St. Albans, thereby surviving the Infamous Feast
  • Buries King Uther and Prince Madoc at Stonehenge

Duke Ulfius

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