Unclaimed bastard of Sir Gwyllim. Not happy about it.



A child born of an affair Sir Gwyllim had shortly after he was knighted, Edynfed was never claimed by his father. Whether or not Gwyllim was aware of this child is unknown, as he died before Edynfed came of age. What is known is that the child spent his whole life training, and now seeks revenge on Gwyllim and all of his line.

His unwillingness to give up his hate led to his death, almost certainly at the hands of Gwyllim’s wife, Lady Cyneburh.

Notable Traits

  • Energetic
  • Suspicious
  • Hate (Gwyllim’s Line)

Campaign Interaction

Year 489

  • Duelled Sir Judicael. Despite Judicael being willing to accept Edynfed as a member of the Littleworth household, Edynfed refused to let go of his grudge and attacked Judicael in an unprovoked strike. He was defeated but spared, and swore vengeance.

Year 490

  • Again duelled Judicael after threatening to instead fight his sister, Sir Cynehild. Judicael again triumphed in the duel, and Edynfed perished in the night under the care of Lady Cyneburh.


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