Sir Eliwlod ap Madoc

The son of Prince Madoc, raised by the O'Malleys


A bastard child claimed by Sir Liam O’Malley shortly after his ascension to Castellan of Terrabil. Though said to be the product of a liaison between Liam and an attractive peasant, his ancestry has been called into question by King Madog

He is in fact the son of Prince Madoc ap Uther, sent away to be raised by Sir Liam. His parentage was made known to King Idres who wanted to use this history to claim the High Kingship, leading to the O’Malley defection from Salisbury. At the tournament in London, his parentage was revealed but he declined to seek the High Kingship, and failed to pull the sword from the stone.


Campaign Interaction

Year 490

  • Born the product of an unknown liaison.

Year 494

  • Kidnapped from Terrabil by King Madog, along with two children of Sir Liam

Year 495

  • Released from the Forest Sauvage following the trial of the Forest Sauvage.

Year 509

  • Knighted into Sir Lewis’s Household

Year 510

  • His father as Prince Madoc is revealed in an attempt to destabilize the Logresian Lords
  • He gets all Lords to swear to follow any knight who can pull the Sword from the Stone in London, which he fails to do – though perhaps by design
  • Argues with Earl Roland to swear to Arthur

Sir Eliwlod ap Madoc

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