Father Dewi

A temperate priest, and a vocal advocate of Christianity.


Father Dewi, also known as Waterman is the abbot of a Roman Christian monastery in Surgales. He is from Henfynew (in Sugales), of a very religious family. Years ago, he went on pilgrimage to the Holy Land and returned with sacred relics, including the altar Christ used at the Last Supper and a piece of the True Cross. More importantly, he brought back a desire to establish the monastic tradition of the desert hermits into his homeland.


Campaign Interaction

Year 492

  • Argued that Merlin the Magician had ensorcelled the Knights that aided him, and argued that all magic be cast out of Britain

Year 495

  • Attends the Infamous Feast, but survives due to his extremely temperate ways. His words inspire Sir Gariant to not drink, also saving his life.

Father Dewi

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