Herr Waldek

Former Household Mercenary of Sir Melanius



Herr Waldek was a German Mercenary who came over to Britain, but joined the household staff of Sir Melianus in exchange for his loyalty. After Lady Elana, he became a hosuehold knight of Sir Caelus and accompanied him around.

He has since been impressed with King Eosa, and defected to the Saxons.

Notable Traits

  • Proud
  • Hate (Christians)
  • Rechstaffenheit

Campaign History

Year 484

  • Fights at the Battle of Eburacum, but is captured by Saxon forces in the dying hours of the battle.
  • Is liberated along with the rest of the British forces, but chooses to defect to the Saxons.

Battle of Mount Damen

  • Leads a German contingent of mercenaries against the British forces, but retreats when Kings Octa and Eosa are defeated.

Year 493

[[Year 495 – St. Albans | Year 495]]

  • Leads a Saxon batallion at St. Albans, but is killed by the Goblet Knights in battle.

Herr Waldek

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