King Ælle

King of the South Saxons, and seafaring pirate



King Ælle is a vigorous king, popular with his people and successful in war. He has led them from miserable conditions on the continent to conquer and enslave the natives of Britain and to establish good farms.

As other Saxons are continually coming from overseas to this easy land, they frequently join forces with King Ælle who is generous to his people, brave and successful in battle.

Notable Traits

  • Chaste
  • Energetic
  • Generous
  • Valorous

Campaign Interaction

Year 485

  • King Ælle landed in Britain and attempted to march North, but was unable to pass Salisbury, being beaten back at the Battle of Mearcred Creek. Though his forces were severely depleted, his army was not broken and he retreated to fight again – though he did lose a Battalion commander in the process.

King Ælle

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