King Cerdic

The son of Vortigern, and King of Wessex



A proven battle commander, Cerdic is the son of King Vortigern, the traitorous Saxon who murdered his way towards claiming the High Kingship of Britain. Banished from the country following his father’s death by Aurelius Ambrosius. He fled to the continent, where he has honed his battle skills and returned to Britain to claim his Kingdom.

His troops landed in Hampshire, and despite an initial skirmish from King Nanteleod, he was successful in ekeing out a small Kingdom. Since then, he has been making diplomatic overtures to other British Knights to rule under him, promising to unite Saxons and Britons alike – one way or another.

Notable Traits

  • Energetic
  • Proud
  • Honour
  • Valorous
  • Loyalty (Vassals)

Campaign Interactions

Year 496

  • Sent his son Prince Cynric to Sarum as a hostage, and made an overture to the Player Knights to unite under his rule.

Year 506

Year 508

  • Battles against Nanteleod at Netley Marsh, where he is reinforced by King Idres
  • Following his victory, raids Logres lands extensively.

King Cerdic

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