King Eosa

The "Giant", King of Deira, son of Horsa



A descendent of a legendary Saxon, King Eosa commands his forces through his incredibly prowess in combat and his intimidating size. Despite the Saxon virtues, he fights with his one-handed family axe, yet can still bowl a knight over in a single blow.

He is known to be in an alliance with King Octa.

Notable Traits

  • Generous
  • Valorous
  • Proud
  • Worldly
  • Reckless
  • Indulgent

Campaign Interaction

Year 484

  • Ambushes King Uther Pendragon outside of Eburacum and slays many knights in the confusion.
  • Is ambushed after Merlin the Magician revitalizes the British army via magic, and is driven from Malahaut.

Year 489

  • Pillaged Malahaut, and was prevented from spilling into Logres by the actions of Duke Corneus

Year 490

  • Faced the British Forces at the Battle of Lindsey.
  • Was defeated by Duke Gorlois, and captured by the British.

Year 493

  • Freed from captivity by Sir Uren
  • Enters into an alliance with Malahaut

Year 495

  • Fights at the Battle of St Albans where he is badly wounded by Prince Madoc, but survives

King Eosa

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