King Heraut de Apres

Centurion King of Malahaut



King Heraut de Apres is the king of Malahaut, largest domain of Cumbria. He is also known as the King of 100 Knights or The Centurion King as he has 100 knights in his personal service.

He was opposed to King Uther Pendragon becoming High King of Britain, and was rumoured to have influenced other members of the Collegium to not vote for him.

After many years of ruling Malahaut and keeping its lands secure, he was killed by King Pellinore

Notable Traits

  • Chaste
  • Energetic
  • Merciful
  • Proud
  • Suspicious
  • Valorous
  • Honour

Campaign Interaction

Year 483

  • Was absent from Eburacum fighting Picts, leaving the Goblet Knights in the care of Sir Uren

Year 484

Year 487

  • Witnessed the humiliation of Logres knights at The Richmond Caverns.
  • Refused the call of King Uther to witness his claiming of Excalibur.

Year 490

  • After years of having his land pillaged, celebrated Uther’s arrival after the defeat of the Saxons at Lindsey, and pledged to support him for High Kingship

Year 493

  • Stalls Earl Roderick during a military alliance discussion for the purpose of capturing him.
  • Ransoms the Salisbury knights, and formally allies with King Octa and King Eosa

Year 512 – Britain Divided

King Heraut de Apres

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