King Idres

Mercenary King who claims to represent the true Kingdom of Cornwall


The King of the Kingdom of Cornwall, he rules over the parts of Cornwall that were not conquered by Duke Gorlois and Aurelius Ambrosius.


Year 498

Year 501

  • Begins conquest of Dorset

Year 502

  • Conquers Sumerland, but fails to corner King Cadwy

Year 505

  • Sends Sir Lewis O’Malley on a secret mission
  • During the summer, the family of Junah flees Cornwall, and is denounced as a traitor

Year 506

Year 508

Year 509

  • Demands the O’Malley clan turned over for execution in exchange for forgiving all debts. Is refused
  • Again sieges and raids Logres

Year 510

  • At the tournament reveals the parentage of Sir Eliwlod in an attempt to destabllize the Lords, but leaves before the sword is drawn.

Year 512

King Idres

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