King Leodegrance

The King of Cameliard, and father of Guenevere



King Leodegrance is one of the members of the Supreme Collegium, and supported King Uther Pendragon from an early time. He is slow to act, but much loved by his subjects and known to commit fully to his decisions.

He has one daughter, Guenever


Campaign Interaction

Year 507 – The Dowry of King Leodegrance

  • Asks the Knights of Salisbury for help in retrieving a dowry stolen by King Ryons

Year 510 – The Crowning of the High King

  • Attends the tournament, and is the first Lord of Logres to swear to Arthur
  • Besieged by King Ryons, but is rescued by the rump army of Logres under the command of Arthur.

King Leodegrance

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