King Lot

King of Lothian and Husband to Margawse



The boistrous King of Lothian, he is slowly claiming the allegiances of many of the Pictish tribes of the North who respect his strength of arms and hunting prowess. These tribes either enter into alliances with him or are defeated by his forces, and his Kingdom is crucial in keeping the Northern tribes from spilling over into all of Britain.

Notable Traits

  • Energetic
  • Honour
  • Hospitality
  • Loyalty (Vassals)

Campaign Interaction

Year 483

  • King Lot welcomed the Goblet Knights to Lothian, and during a hunt on his property came across some Picts who had claimed sanctuary in an old shrine. Unwilling to strike them down for fear of angering those who were religious in his following, he left the area and was pleased when Sir Liam did so for him. He later held a feast in their honour upon returning from their quest with Merlin.

Year 492 – The Condemnation of Merlin

Year 501 – The Marriage of Morgan

Year 510 – The Crowning of the High King

  • Attends the tournament and opposed to drawing the sword from the stone
  • Rejects Arthur’s claim and begins a war that ends in defeat

Year 511 – A Hazy Night of Illusions

Year 512 – Britain Divided

Year 513

King Lot

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