King Meliodas

Wandering Knight and King of Lyonesse


h2 .Biography

Originally known as Sir Rivalin, he arrived in the court of Duke Gorlois at a very young age, and was immediately granted a knighthood by the Duke. Despite his young age at the time, he proved himself a capable and adventurous knight, and quickly rose to fame amidst the Cornwall knights, and his prowess became respected even among the Logres knights. His first squire was the future knight Sir Cynehild.

In 490, he was officially acknowledged by Duke Gorlois as Meliodas, heir to the Kingdom of Lyonesse, and left to reclaim his birthright.


Campaign Interaction

Year 480

  • Accepted Sir Cynehild as his squire in Cornwall

Year 489

  • Present at the standoff between Logres and Cornwall. Later joined in the victory celebration.

Year 490

  • Fought in the Battle of Lindsey
  • Acknowledged as rightful heir to the throne of Lyonesse, and left to reclaim his Kingdom.

King Meliodas

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