King Nanteleod

King of Escavalon, and master strategist


King Nanteleod is a brave and vigorous Cymric king who wishes to drive the Saxons out of Britain. He is known for being temperate and suspicious, honourable and hospitable.

He has expressed a desire to unite Cambria under his rule, in order to consolidate those forces and use them to wage war against the Saxons. Though open to diplomacy, he has expressed a disdain for King Idres.


Campaign Interaction

Year 496

  • Assaulted King Cerdic but was defeated, leading to the formation of the Kingdom of Wessex

Year 499

  • Welcomed the Knights of Salisbury to his court, and agreed to a shadow alliance, on condition that he not be required to ally with Cornwall.

Year 501

Year 502

  • The Lords of Logres do not reach consensus on supporting him

Year 503

  • Arrives to free the lands conquered by The Silver King
  • Cuts off the escape of the Warlord, and turns him over to Salisbury for punishment

Year 505

  • Rides to the assistance of Duke Corneus and battles Malahaut

Year 506

Year 507

Year 508

King Nanteleod

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