Duchess Ellen

Widow of Duke Roderick, and Ruler of Salisbury



Duchess Ellen is a competent noblewoman. When the Great Betrayal takes the nobility of Britain, the women, children, and loyal knights are left to defend their homes and the leaderless realm. Countess Ellen is one such, dependant upon the loyalty of her husband’s men while her young son grows up

Notable Traits

  • Chaste
  • Temperate
  • Love (Family)
  • Hospitality

Campaign History

Year 483

Year 495

  • As her eldest child is too young to take the Throne, assumes rulership of Salisbury following the death of Duke Roderick

Year 496

  • Pays tribute to Essex to stall and await news from other British allies
  • Dispatches a diplomatic envoy to meet with King Cerdic
  • Requests 400 Librum to build a wall around Sarum for her and all her subjects.

Year 497

  • Completes first phase of wall, orders second built.
  • Pays tribute to Essex and Wessex this year.
  • Dispatches envoys to Kingdom of Circle of Gold

Year 498

  • Completes second phase of wall.
  • Pays tribute to Wessex and Sussex, spurning Essex
  • Dispatches envoys to Cambria
  • Grants Merlin the Magician the assistance of her knights in slaying the Knight of the Tusks.

Year 499

  • Third phase of Wall completed
  • Pays double tribute to Wessex
  • Agrees to alliance with King Nanteleod

Year 500

  • Wall completed
  • No tributes paid

Year 501

  • Tributes paid to Wessex and Essex.
  • Authorizes army dispatched to Silchester to combat Anglia

Duchess Ellen

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