Merlin the Magician

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The legendary magician of England, he is an otherwise ordinary middle-aged man who serves as adviser to the Pendragon family, and King Uther Pendragon in particulary. He is steeped in the druidic lore of Britain, and known for being both wise and mysterious.

Few can recall direct examples of magic on his part, but he is still rightly feared and respected by anyone who can be said to possess good sense.

Notable Traits

  • Energetic
  • Generous
  • Honest
  • Pious
  • Love (Britain)

Campaign History

Year 482

  • Despite not being present at the Conquest of Summerland, his absence was felt as Uther cursed him not being present to prevent the illusions of King Cadwy from causing havoc among his troops.

Year 483

  • He approached Sir Caelus and Sir Gariant to escort him North for a ritual at the Spring Equinox, and consented to being accompanied by Sir Gwyllim and Sir Liam. He performed an unusual ritual there involving Sir Caelus’s blood, and then returned home.

Year 486

  • In the guise of an old man, he led the Goblet Knights to a lake where the faced down a mighty giant and a nukalevee, during which time he retrieved Excalibur and later presented it to King Uther.

Year 487

  • Accompanied King Uther during his tour of his relcutant vassals

Year 489

  • Counselled Uther to make peace with Duke Gorlois rather than invade.

Year 490

  • Used his magic to demoralize the Saxons before the Battle of Lindsey

Year 491

  • Suspected to be part of a magical ritual at Castle Titnagel the night that the ghost of Duke Gorlois visited his wife.

Year 492

  • Kidnaps the newborn son of Ygraine through trickery of other Logresian knights
  • Banished from Britain

Year 498

  • Reappears to aide the Saxon knights in their battle against the Knight of the Tusks
  • Leaves Britain for the continent with Sir Djaq O’Liam. Says he will be gone for at least a decade.

Year 509

  • Returns to Britain to ask the knights to slay Sir Gorboduc, an evil knight with the blood of a fiend

Year 510

  • Witnesses Arthur pull the sword from the stone, and encourages all Lords to follow him.

Merlin the Magician

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