Praetor Syagrius

The last Roman commander in France



The Roman commander of Soissons, his was the last Roman city to remain in Gaul before it was finally overrun. He now seeks to regain his Kingdom for the glory of Rome, and will promise a share of his massive treasure horde to any who would stand with him.

Following his defeat he returned as The Silver King, and attempted to destabilise all British Kingdoms. With his latest defeat, he bargained for his life and was exiled to the continent.

Notable Traits

  • Cruel
  • Vengeful
  • Proud
  • Valorous
  • Loyalty (Emperor)
  • Hate (Britains)

Campaign Interaction

Year 486

  • News of the fall of his city reached Britain, and envoys were received at courts asking for help to re-take his cities.

Year 487

  • Attended the court of King Uther to formally request help. At the end of the year, Uther agreed to send a force to assault Gaul.

Year 488

  • Joined forces with Logres to retake his kingdom. Successfully assaulted the city of Bayeux
  • Swore vengeance on the Pendragon after being abandoned at Rouen. Later defeated in battle by King Claudas

Year 499

Year 503

  • Unmasked at the Battle of Argent as the Silver King.
  • Defeated, but trades his life for exile from Britain in exchange for the fate of Sir Cynehild

Year 504

  • Executed by King Claudas

Praetor Syagrius

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