Prince Cynric

Son of King Cerdic, and frequent diplomatic hostage


The son of King Cerdic, he has been a regulary visit at Sarum court to demand annual tribute. He claims British heritage, but still openly praises the strength of a Saxon and is disdainful towards British ways, and the rule of Duchess Ellen in particular.


Campaign History

Year 496

  • Invites the Knights of Logres to meet with King Cerdic, and is present for diplomatic overtures.

Year 497

  • Demands tribute along with Prince Aescwine, which is granted.
  • Asks for knights instead of money, which is an offer that is rebuffed.

Year 498

  • Demands tribute along with Aescwine and Prince Caelyn, which he receives.
  • Mocks Prince Aescwine for being rebuffed.

Year 499

  • Demands and receives double tribute from Salisbury

Year 501

  • Receives tribute from Salisbury.

Year 502

  • Receives tribute from Salisbury

Year 503

Year 504

  • Refused tribute, and pledges revenge

Year 506

Year 508

Prince Cynric

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