Prince Madoc ap Uther

The bastard son of Prince Uther



The bastard son of King Uther, he was knighted in 480 at a ceremony attended by Sir Caelus, Sir Gwyllim, and Sir Gariant. With the death of Aurelius Ambrosius and the ascendency of Uther Pendragon to the position of King, he is now Prince of the Britains.

Madoc embodies the spirit of a Pugnacious Knight, and respects others who do the same.

Notable Traits

  • Energetic
  • Arbitrary
  • Worldly
  • Reckless
  • Temperate
  • Valorous
  • Loyalty (Uther)
  • Hate (Saxons)

Campaign History

Year 480

  • The player knights were present at his declaration of being Uther’s bastard, and his knighting
  • He left with then-Prince Uther to campaign with his father against the Irish.
  • He was present at the funeral of Aurelius Ambrosius

Year 481

Year 482

  • Present at the Conquest of Summerland
  • Gathered together a conclave of Logres knights to retake the British Mine of Nantwich, for which he was greatly honoured by his father.

Year 488

  • Led the British Knights in the conquest of France.
  • Returned to Britain after the Battle of Bayeux, despite being pledged for a longer campaign.

Year 490

  • Present at the defeat of the Saxons at the Battle of Lindsey
  • Led the British knights in retaliatory raids on the former Saxon territories, plundering former Malahaut lands.

Year 491

Year 492

  • Witnesses the wounding of his Father by Sir Argan

Year 493

  • Current leader of Logres as King Uther is still too badly injured to appear in public

Year 494

  • Dispatches a diplomatic force to Estregales to try and secure the allegiance of King Canan
  • Sends Sir Liam and Nineve to find a cure for his father’s woudning.

Year 495

  • Marches with Uther to St. Albans to oppose the invading Saxons
  • Defeats King Eosa in battle, but dies at the Infamous Feast

Prince Madoc ap Uther

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