Queen Elaine

Middle daughter of Ygraine, and wife to King Nentres


Second child of Duchses Ygraine and Duke Gorlois of Cornwall, and sister to both Queen Margawse and Morgan le Fay. Elaine was a quiet child, and is often overlooked between the beauty of her elder sister Margawse, and the intensity of her younger sister Morgan

Following the death of Duke Gorlois and the marriage of her mother to King Uther Pendragon, she was engaged to King Nentres, of Garlot and following her marriage moved North with her new husband.


Campaign Interaction

Year 490 – A Prisoner of Courtesy

  • Was held at Lincoln with the rest of her family, before escaping with them in the winter.

Year 491 – The Siege of Cornwall

  • Besieged at Tintagel, and later present at the surrender to Uther
  • Present at the wedding of Ygraine and Uther

Year 492 – The Condemnation of Merlin

  • Married King Nentres and became Queen of Garlot

Queen Elaine

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