King Alain

Prince of Escavalon, and son of King Nanteleod


The son of King Nanteleod, he often sallies forth from his lands at the behest of his father, and takes his duty and loyalty serious. He carries a great hate for the Saxons, which he hopes to one day use to drive them from the lands.


Campaign Interaction

Year 499

  • Invites the Knights to an alliance meeting with his father, and accompanies them into Cambria.
  • Betrayed and grievously wounded by Sir Anelius, but rescued by the group

Year 504

  • Assigned as a regular ambassador to Salisbury

Year 508

  • Survives the assassination of King Nanteleod and ascends to the Kingship of Escavalon, but cannot hold together his father’s alliances

Year 509

  • Due to increased pressure from King Ryons, he is unable to hold onto any alliance, and returns to his old borders

Year 510

  • Attends the tournament of London.

King Alain

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