Sir Amig

Elderly Knight and Marshall of Salisbury



Sir Amig Castellian of Tilshead, is the Marshal of Salisbury, vassal of Duke Roderick, and lord of the Hundred of Branch and Dole.

The scars of battle were clearly visible on this affable old soldier: They run from his neck down to his feet, proof of his prowess in battle and the many opponents he has faced over his career. Though he has never truly distinguished himself, his name is known in Salisbury and many active knights were trained by him at one point or another in their lives.

He has a notable hatred of witches and magic.


Campaign History

Year 479

In 479, Sir Amig accompanied Sir Liam. Sir Caelus, and Sir Gariant on a hunt into Camelot forest. Upon hearing news of a sorceress having cursed a local Knight, he rushed off to confront the crone, only to be turned into a falcon for his problems. He was saved by the actions of the three then-squires, only to be unable to carry out his revenge or break the rules of hospitality.

Year 480

Year 481

Year 482

  • Was not present at the Conquest of Summerland, being appointed instead to press the Salibsury claims against Summerland.

Year 485

Year 490

  • Commanded the British troops at the Battle of Lindsey
  • Died of wounds received.

Sir Amig

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