Cymri Knight whose wife spurs him to great passion



An otherwise unassuming household knight, he was known to have had a great love for his wife until she was caught in an affair with Sir Beorhtric. While reeling from this, his wife committed suicide and he fell into a deep depression. Since then, he has sought vengeance for this act.

Notable Traits

  • Vengeful
  • Reckless
  • Valorous
  • Hate (Beohrtric)

Campaign Interactions

Year 486

  • His wife’s affair with Sir Beohrtric was revealed, and he attempted to duel Sir Beohtric but was beaten, and had his life spared.
  • Later appeared at the trial of Sir Gariant, in order to revenge himself on Beohtric’s former master Sir Caelus. Though he voted to convict, Sir Gariant was found innocent.

Year 489

  • Petitioned knights of Salisbury to disgrace Sir Beohrtric, reminding them of his adulterous affair.
  • Slew Sir Caelus in a duel as the knight defended Sir Beohrtric’s honour.
  • Exiled from Britain, and caused Earl Roderick to institute “Caelus’s Rules” for duelling – barring any duel between Salisbury knights with non-rebated weaponry.

Year 507

  • Killed by Sir Aelia to avenge her father


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