Sir Gwyn

Lord of Stratford, and notable for his Selfishness



Sir Gwyn is an older, but still healthy, knight and the Lord of Clarendon. It’s said that he acquired his manor following a sizable gift to Earl Roderick, and that he lives an extravagant lifestyle. Though known to desire money and tribute, he remains hospitable and welcoming to any knight – though he takes great umbrage at suggesting he should live his lifestyle any different.

He maintains a sizable household army, yet will rarely venture forth for a battle preferring instead to pay the scutage and remain at residence.

Notable Traits

  • Just
  • Selfish
  • Proud
  • Hospitality

Campaign Interaction

Year 485

  • Sir Gariant tracked his missing Destrier to Clarendon, where they were welcomed by Sir Gwyn. During a feast, Sir Gariant interrupted Sir Hellenel – a knight of Sir Gwyn – from putting down a peasant revolt, causing Sir Gwyn to coldly dismiss the knights from his hall.

Year 486 – The Sword Lake

  • Held Sir Gariant on trial for failing to act in accordance with knightly ways regarding not executing the peasants who killed Sir Hellenel. Lost the case.
  • Had his champion, Sir Ceolward duel to settle this by combat, but his champion lost to Sir Caelus

Year 487

Year 502

  • Revealed to have, many years ago, stolen a great treasure and abandoned his friends in exchange for the lifestyle he now enjoys.

Sir Gwyn

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