Sir Hellenel

Knight of Stratford, and famous for his Cruelty



A Cruel knight, he was a vassal of Sir Gwyn of Clarendon. Known to enforce his Lord’s justice among the peasantry, and ensure they were paying the appropriate tributes, he was a strong knight that the peasantry had come to fear.

Ultimately he was driven mad by his loyalty to Sir Gwyn, and leaping from the battlements to better slay some rebellious peasants, he was brought down by them.

Notable Traits

  • Cruel
  • Reckless
  • Loyalty (Lord)

Campaign Interactions

Year 485

  • At the feast of Sir Gwyn, he was ordered to put down some revolting peasantry. Upon being confronted by Sir Gariant, his passion for Sir Gwyn drove him to madness, and he leapt from the battlements to fight the serfs, whereupon he was eventually slain by them.

Sir Hellenel

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