Sir Uren

Steward of and Jerk of Eburacum



Sir Uren is the steward of Eburacum during the absence of the Centurion King. A Proud knight, he like many in Malahaut hold the other knights of Britain in disdain – believing that they hew the most closely to the old Roman traditions, and therefore the best suited to keep Aurelius Ambrosius’s legacy alive.

He is known for having a tendency to provoke any knight under his hospitality until they retaliate, at which point he will challenge them to a competition to prove his knighthood is superior. These need not be physical challenges, though the fact that he is still alive may be proof that he is more than skilled in duelling.

Notable Traits

  • Proud
  • Vengeful
  • Suspicious
  • Honour
  • Hate (Logres)
  • Hate (Goblet Knights)

Campaign Interaction

Year 483

  • Hosted Sirs Caelus, Gwyllim, Gariant and Liam in Eburacum, but eventually needled Sir Caelus and Sir Gariant into leaving his hall.
  • Fought a duel with Sir Liam to first blood, which he lost. Attempted to re-challenge, but the duel was stopped through the words of Sir Gwyllim

Year 485

  • Attended the funeral of Sir Gwyllim. Managed to not be a jerk for exactly once.

Year 486

  • Attended the trial of Sir Gariant while visiting Salisbury on diplomatic envoys, and voted to convict – though he was defeated.

Year 487

  • Led the court to The Richmond Caverns, and witnessed the humiliation of Sirs Cron, Cynehild, Gariant, and Beohrtric
  • Fought a duel of words with Sir Beohrtric, and convincingly trounced the knight in front of the court of Richmond
  • Fought a duel of swords with Sir Beohrtric to first knockdown, and triumphed.

Year 493

  • Frees Kings Octa and Eosa from confinement in London
  • Captures Earl Roderick and the Knights escorting him for ransom.

Year 495

  • Fights at the Battle of St. Albans, and retreats with the Malahaut Knights when the battle is lost

Year 501 – The Marriage of Morgan

  • Began a series of raids into Lindsey

Year 503 – The Silver King

  • Retreats from the combined force of Salisbury and Escavalon at Lindsey

Year 510

  • Attends the tournament of London
  • One of the knights chosen to guard the Sword in the Stone until Candlemas
  • Deceives Sir Beorhtric into an ambush, but captures and ransoms the knight.

Sir Uren

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