The Silver King

A new warlord, commanding a great mercenary force


A new Warlord who has come to Britain with a great host of mercenaries under his command. He has established his base at the great castle of Uther’s Shame in the centre of Logres, from which he has begun to launch pre-emptory strikes on Lindsey.

He is in actuality Praetor Syagrius, disguised and intent on destroying all British Kingdoms. Argent has been defeated, and the Silver King mask taken as a trophy.


Campaign Interaction

Year 499

  • Kingdom of Argent is founded, and preliminary tribute demands sent out to other rulers.

Year 500

  • Accepts tribute from Sir Beorhtric, but does not defend him when his lands are attacked by Sussex

Year 501

  • Holds Ygraine hostage demanding her as his Queen, under threat of turning her over to Lord Hassan O’Malley
  • Agrees to allow custody to be settled by a duel to the death between Sir Carver and Lord Hassan

Year 503

The Silver King

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