King Uther Pendragon

Lord of the Britains



King Uther is a fierce Warlord, who fought for years to defend Logres, and now his Throne. He does little with his time but refine his battle skill, and it a reasonably committed Christian although he bears great respect for the Pagan faith.

With the death of his brother Aurelius Ambrosius, he is now the King of Logres, and aspires to be High King of Britain.

Notable Traits

  • Lustful
  • Energetic
  • Valorous
  • Hate (Saxons)

Campaign History

Year 480

  • Recognised his bastard son Prince Madoc ab Uther as his legitimate heir.
  • Was persecuting the Irish during the death of Aurelius Ambrosius, returned for his brother’s funeral.
  • Appointed King of Logres, but not High King of Britain

Year 481

  • Declared war on and conquered the Kingdom of Bedegraine.

Year 482

  • Declared war on the Kingdom of Summerland. Despite an inconclusive battle, he declared it a victory.
  • Awarded Prince Madoc, Sir Gwyllim, Sir Gariant and Sir Liam for liberating the British mine of Nantwich.

Year 484

  • Marched to Malahaut to relieve the besieged knights… or possibly to conquer them. However his forces were ambushed by Saxons and devastated
  • Merlin appears and uses his magic to re-invigorate his army, and Uther scores a decisive victory over the saxons.

Year 485

Year 486

  • Presented Excalibur by Merlin, as retrieved by Sir Liam, Sir Beorhtric, Sir Judicael, and Sir Gariant

Year 487

  • Toured his kingdom to present Excalibur to his more reluctant vassals, especially the Duke of Lindsey

Year 488

  • Sent half his army under the command of Prince Madoc to aid Praetor Syagrius in retaking his kingdom.
  • Swore to make Duke Gorlois submit for failing to obey multiple summons.

Year 489

  • Led the forces of Salisbury and Somerset against Cornwall. Accepted submission of Duke Gorlois after prodding from Merlin.

Year 490

  • Defeated the Saxons at the Battle of Lindsey.
  • Secured enough votes to attain High Kingship
  • Met Duchess Ygraine
  • Refused to grant permission for the Cornish forces to leave. When they left without his permission, he swore vengeance.

Year 491

  • Besieged Castle Tintagel in Cornwall
  • Following the death of Duke Gorlois, dissolved the position of Duke and declared Cornwall his lands.
  • Married Duchess Ygraine

Year 492

  • Banishes Merlin from Britain after the sorcerer kidnaps Ygraine’s newborn son.
  • Accused of adultery by Sir Argan, and critically wounded in the subsequent duel. Excalibur is lost.

Year 493

  • Remains gravely wounded, and is not seen by the public

Year 494

  • Healed of his injury due to the ministrations of Nineve

Year 495

  • Leads a counter-offensive against the Saxons marching on St. Albans
  • Proves victorious in battle, but poisoned at his victory feast along with most of the Lords of Logres

King Uther Pendragon

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