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  • Sir Uren

    h2. Campaign Interaction h3. Year 483 * Hosted Sirs [[:sir-caelus | Caelus]], [[:sir-gwyllim | Gwyllim]], [[:sir-gariant | Gariant]] and [[:sir-liam | Liam]] in Eburacum, but eventually needled Sir Caelus and Sir Gariant into leaving his hall. * …

  • King Heraut de Apres

    h2. Campaign Interaction h3. [[Year 483 - The Worshipping Picts | Year 483]] * Was absent from Eburacum fighting Picts, leaving the Goblet Knights in the care of [[:sir-uren | Sir Uren]] h3. "Year 484":https://chivalry-is-magic.obsidianportal.com …

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