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  • Raids

    Step 1: Choose a Target

    Decide where you want to raid. Is it the neighboring manor? A Saxon-occupied city? Or even a daring raid to the mainland?

    Step 2: Determine Targets Difficulty

    Difficulty is an abstract measure of the

  • Weapons


    There are so many ways that people can kill each other in the world, its important to note how they interact and differ with each other. Here is a list of all weapons currently approved for use in the GPC

  • Pugnacious Knights


    The pugnacious knight is brave (Valorous), even foolhardy (Reckless). He knows there is nothing more important than his good name (Proud), avenging slights against it (

  • APP Rules


    Appearance is ones exterior look, being visual and thus entirely outward and superficial. Appearance provokes deep responses in human beings, automatic and normally outside of our awareness, never mind being within our control. (

  • Spousal Solos

    Every year, level up your spouse as you would your Player Knight. This should only be done if you havent played your Spouse during the previous game year of course. The steps for a Spouse Solo are as follows.

    1 Roll a d6

  • Building Modifications


    Since weve bought Book of the Estate, the system for landholding has been changed from how income is calculated. Annual Maintenance seems to have been removed, and things give more reliable income. This page is meant to

  • Equipment Prices


    You might not be able to buy magic swords or potions, but you can buy mundane things here. Most of this is just equipment for knights, and as of the start of the campaign not all of it is available. All weapons will be normally

  • Character Generation


    So due to my failure in basic reading comprehension, plus wanting you to have characters that we are all happy with, here are the official rules for statting up your characters, effective as of Anarchy. They

  • Romantic Knights

    The romantic knight knows there is more to love than physicality (Chaste), and is forgiving of their partners faults (Forgiving) as well as confident that their love will stand the test of time (Trusting

  • Standards of Maintenance


    It costs money to maintain yourself! This is a discussion of all of the things that take up money for you, as well as how the different levels of maintenance will affect your life.

    Mandatory Expenses

    These are the

  • Battle Theory

    Step 1: Determine Size of Raid: (Roll 1d6)

    • 1: Small Raid Bands of Brigands and Looters
      • Glory: 50
      • Enemy Battle: -5 to enemy skill
      • Battle Events: 1
      • Default Knights/Lineage/Levy: 5/15/150

  • Manor Fortifications


    The Rules so far regarding fortifying your manor seem a little bit lacking, so I am trying to clarify them here. These are not formalized yet, and I reserve the right to change them at any time. Glory for your Manor is capped at 100

  • Bizarre Feast Dishes


    That bizarre chef that wanders around Logres popping up at every feast has truly cooked up some bizarre dishes in his time. I feel that the greatest of them should be remembered.

  • Saga Events


    Since Saga Events are a depleted factor, I have decided to make the following change. Each Saga can only happen once, and will be claimed by that knight. Afterwards, if you roll the same Saga number, I will instead toss some

  • Courtesan Ladies


    A Courtesan most be focused on raising her own status (Selfish), often to the detriment of what society would deem to be her own duties (Arbitrary). She moves in political circles, and knows the

  • The Round Table

    The Round Table

    Year 514

    Round Table membership is the ultimate success. The Round Table is a body of handpicked knights who serve at Arthurs personal command. They are chosen because they personify the virtues that Arthur wishes to

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