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  • Tangley


    Tangley is the first manor to be found North-west on the road from Levcomagus. Close to Collingbourne Wood, it is a fine manor granted to the family of Sir Liam in 479.


  • Durrington


    Durrington is the manor closest located to the Amesbury abbey and the ancient Pagan site of Stonehenge. It is a pious manor granted to the family of Sir Caelus in 479.

  • Harnham


    Harnham is the manor located first when you travel south from Sarum. It is a healthy manor granted to the family of Sir Gariant in 479.

    Following Gariants

  • Woodford


    Woodford is a picturesque manor inside of Salisbury, located along the Wylye river. It was granted to Sir Cron for slaying a Saxon commander in 485. It was inherited by Cron

  • Weather Results


    Weather is getting more complicated, so to keep track of it (for those of you who fall behind), and for those of you with granaries, Ill start keeping track of weather here.

    Anglia History

    Year 524

    • Manor Fortifications


      The Rules so far regarding fortifying your manor seem a little bit lacking, so I am trying to clarify them here. These are not formalized yet, and I reserve the right to change them at any time. Glory for your Manor is capped at 100

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