Bizarre Feast Dishes


That bizarre chef that wanders around Logres popping up at every feast has truly cooked up some bizarre dishes in his time. I feel that the greatest of them should be remembered.

Year 502

  • Steamed cat with apples and nuts on a bed of beans and water chestnuts. Served with a side of blueberries

Year 507

  • Saffron-infused chipmunk, braised with wine. Served on steamed mushrooms
  • Vulture with pineapple and almonds, with a side of sharp cheddar and broccoli pie

Year 510 – The Crowning of the High King

  • Salted scorpion with kumquats and chervil on a bed of diced cardoon, camas and figs.

Knight’s Favourites

All knights have a favourite feast dish, which is recorded below.

Sir Esme

  • Simmered falcon with cardamom, wolfberries and sesame seeds. Served with fruit brandy and cheddar.

Sir Everette

  • Beaver neck.

Bizarre Feast Dishes

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