Character Generation


So due to my failure in basic reading comprehension, plus wanting you to have characters that we are all happy with, here are the official rules for statting up your characters, effective as of Anarchy. They have been updated since the Prologue.


This is pretty much straight Randomization, with the bonus of picking something to build your character concept around.

Step One

Select ONE trait to be at 16. This happens before rolling, and thus you will not roll for it or its pair. This trait can later be modified through discretionary spending or regional bonuses. It is also affected by Religion/Cultural modifiers, so a British Christian Logres knight that chooses Energetic ends up with a 20.

Step Two

Roll your remaining traits as per normal. For the value, it is 3d6 /- the offset of 10 in Book of Knights and Ladies. So if your Chaste would be 13, it is 3d63. If your Chaste would be 7, it is 3d6-3. Your opposite trait is now subtracted from 20 on the other side. Note that no skill can go below 0, so if you are at 20+, the other side is always 0. Valour is 3D6 + 5. ( +4 for Picts, +6 for Saxons)

Step Three

You now have 6 discretionary points to put in whatever you want. You cannot raise anything above 19 by spending these. This is an excellent chance to go for a religious bonus, or for a Chivalric or Pugnacious Knights

Step Four

Apply Regional modifiers. Unless you have discussed it with me assume you all hail from Logres/Salisbury


We are using a hybridization of Standard and Random rolling so that characters are not too vastly skewed. Therefore!

Step One

Roll attributes as normal. On the table, replace “Male/Female” with “Knight/Lady”, depending on the role your character will slot into

Attribute Knight Lady
SIZ 3d6+4 2d6+2
DEX 3d6+1 3d6+1
STR 3d6+1 2d6+2
CON 3d6+1 3d6+1
APP 3d6+1 3d6+5

Step Two

Sum your Attributes if they sum to less than 60, you may raise any attribute you want until your total is equal to 60. You may not raise an attribute over 18 this way. Note that if you are a Pict, you may spend up to 66, because you’re about to get screwed by cultural things.

NOTE: If you do not increase your attributes to sum to the starting value,, you start with a bonus 150 Glory for every point that it is below that value, to represent the incredulity everyone has that someone like you became a knight.

NOTE 2: If your Attributes are greater than 60, you must reduce attributes until you are at the correct level (66 for Picts, 60 for everyone else)

Step Three

Add in your cultural modifiers to your attributes. This should result in you having 63 to your starting attributes.


Skills are dealt with as normal, however as with Attributes, replace the words “Male/Female” with “Knight/Lady” when determining your default starting skills to represent your character class.

Character Generation

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