Courtesan Ladies


A Courtesan most be focused on raising her own status (Selfish), often to the detriment of what society would deem to be her own duties (Arbitrary). She moves in political circles, and knows the right words can change the course of history – even if they’re not true (Deceitful). She holds herself first (Proud) and is always watchful for a betrayal (Suspicious), ready to repay any unkindness (Vengeful).

To qualify as a Courtsean, a Lady must have 74 points in the above six traits. However, a Courtesan must also be seen to have a major redeeming factor, or else they are simply regarded with suspicion. Therefore, a Courtesan must also be notable in one of the above six traits’ opposite value: Generous, Just, Honest, Modest, Trusting, or Forgiving.


  • Benefit: Removal of Glory cap on Traits and Passions.
  • Glory: 100 Glory per Year

Courtesan Ladies cannot also be Gentleladies

Courtesan Ladies

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