Enemy Tracking


So, every yearly event there is a 10% chance that you are going to generate an enemy. The lucky ones get killed immediately, but unluckily they’ll just hate you and I have to track them so that I can remember when they screw you over.

Active Knights

Sir Cynehild

  • Year 515: Revenge a deed done, lower status, barbarian court, hates Cynehild with righteous animosity
  • Year 521: Romantic rival; king’s court; we hate each other; hidden hate, will plot for years

Sir Esme

  • Year 509: Revenge a deed done, lower status, Esme’s household, we hate each other, open hate – thwart at every opportunity,

Sir Everette

  • Year 514: Ambition rival, lower status, Everette’s household, they hate Everette, open hate, will thwart at every opportunity

Sir Heddwyn

  • Year 518: Romantic rival, details were eaten by Obsidian portal but apparently they were sort of lame.
  • Year 519: Revenge a deed done, higher status, foreign court, they hate Heddwyn with righteous animosity

Sir Isadora

  • Year 489: Volaginia Sirica – Courtier at Praetor Syagrius’s court
    • Ambition Rival → Servant → Liege’s Court → They hate you → Backstab Indirectly
    • Explanation: A courtier who objected to Sir Isadora’s rising status despite being an Aquitanian knight, and vowed to thwart her.

Sir Matthaus

  • Year 515: ambition rival at liege’s court, hidden hate for Matthaus, will plot for years
  • Year 520: family enemy, lower status, own household, they hate you, death at the right time
  • Year 521: ex-friend/lover/companion, equal status, king’s court, hate each other, death at the right time
  • Year 521: revenge a deed done, lower than you, your household, they hate you, death at the right time

Inactive Knights

Sir Carver

  • Year 488: Sir Sadorn – Landed Knight at Cornwall
    • Revenge a Deed Done → Higher than you → Foreign Court → They Hate You → Death at the Right Time
    • Explanation: During a raid while he still served King Cadwy, he was recognised by Sir Sadorn who swore vengeance. Sir Carver thinks nothing bizarre happened.

Sir Liam O’Mally

  • Year 491: Sir Hybald – Household Knight at Lincoln
    • Slighted High Passion → Lower than You → King’s Court → Hate Each Other → Open hate, thwart at all given opportunities
    • Explanation: While staying over at Lincoln, Sir Liam took advantage of his friendship with Sir Diocenar, and offended Sir Hybald by taking liberties with the Duke’s pantry.



  • Former Knight who conceived a mighty hate of Sir Beorhtric, and slew Sir Caelus in a duel as the latter defended Beorhtric’s name.

Herr Waldek

Sir Uren

  • Fuck this guy.

Enemy Tracking

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