Heraldry Registration


Following the traitorous assassination of King Nanteleod by a knight lacking in disguise, the practice of Heraldry has taken on new prominence in Britain. All knights are required to have a unique coat of arms and display it while in armour, or else they are denied the protection of their Lord. Though many refuse to take it that far, it becomes a way of identifying members of a family.

The tradition is for a child to take the arms of their knighted parent, and then modify it to be on the same theme, but distinct to them.

The Line of Gwyllim

Sir Gwyllim was a legendary knight of Salisbury, found mysteriously dead in 484. His children have continued his legacy, with his primary symbol being three bees, arranged on a shield.

The First Generation

Sir Gwyllim

The Second Generation

Sir Judicael ap Gwyllim


Sir Cynehild ap Gwyllim


Sir Heddwyn ap Gwyllim


Sir Matthaus ap Gwyllim


The Line of Gariant

Sir Gariant was once an ordinary knight in Salisbury, but following a spirited defense against the Saxons of Anglia and his valour in killing the Anglish Prince, Gariant was appointed Earl of Hartland by Duke Ulfius, since the entire royal line had been killed.

Count Gariant


Heraldry Registration

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