Manor Fortifications


The Rules so far regarding fortifying your manor seem a little bit lacking, so I am trying to clarify them here. These are not formalized yet, and I reserve the right to change them at any time. Glory for your Manor is capped at 100, unless you build a Stately Manor, in which case there is no upper limit.


There are three primary zones that you will need to consider. By default, your fields exist outside of your fortifications. The area surrounding your town and village is known as your Outer Works, and consist usually of walls and towers. Your Inner Works is the pathway to your manor itself, and has the addition traditionally of a large Motte. If all else is breached, your final fortifications are your Stronghold, where you can attempt one last desperate attempt at defense. This tends to just consist of your manors.

Outer Works

Your Outer Works consists of Walls, Ditches, and Towers. The building of any Wall or Tower must use the cost listed in Outer Works. You may construct up to three gates, and attach up to two towers to each gate.

Inner Works

Your Inner Works consists of Ditches, Walls, and Towers, as well as your Motte. You can only have one gate, which can have two towers attached to it.


Your Stronghold is your manor, and your last ditch fallback point. It is not very defensible, but it may be better than nothing.


A Ditch is a giant pit dug into the Earth, which is then often filled with water in order to keep people out. Once you build the Ditch, you must then later buy the upgrade to a Wet Moat for the improved defensive value.

Name Outer Cost Inner Cost DV Maintenance
Ditch 9 3 3 0
Wet Moat 6 2 4 1


Walls are more expensive in the Outer Works, because they have more area to cover. Obviously, each zone may only have one wall. Walls are not upgradeable, if you want a new Wall the old one is torn down to make way for the new one.

Name Outer Cost Inner Cost DV
Palisade 10 5 3
Town Enclosure 15 N/A 5
Curtain Wall 60 20 7
Double Curtain Wall 90 30 9


Gates are built to allow traffic in and out. Gates are points of weakness, but are essential to keep things running smoothly

Name Outer Cost Inner Cost DV Other
Basic Gate 0 0 -2 N/A
Postern Gate N/A 0 -1 -1 to Stewardship
Large Gate 5 5 -3 +1 to Stewardship


Gateworks are additions to Gates that can mitigate the loss of Defensive Value from having a Gate. You cannot use a Gateworks to increase Defensive Value, only mitigate the losses from a Gate (so a Complex Gateworks on a Postern Gate only negates the -1, it does not give a +1).

Name Cost DV Maintenance
Simple Gateworks 2 +1 0
Complex Gateworks 4 +2 0.5


Everyone loves Towers! They are attached to Gates as natural points of entry for the intruders to run through. A good Tower is a place for defenders to hide and fire arrows easily at the attackers, or drop boiling oil. Towers must be attached to Gates, each Gate may support two towers. Due to the construction, they also require yearly maintenance in order to keep them set.

Name Outer Cost Inner Cost DV Maintenance
Square Tower 10 10 5 1
Double Square Tower 20 20 8 2
Triple Square Tower 30 30 11 3


Mottes are nothing more nor less than a giant pile of dirt that your Stronghold sits on top of. They are great for defense, but the larger it piles, the harder it is to oversee your manor. They may only be built in your Inner Works


Name Inner Cost DV Maintenance
Motte 5 4 0 N/A
Double Motte 12 6 0 -1 to Stewardship
Triple Motte 30 10 1 -2 to Stewardship


Strongholds are your manor, which could either be glorious displays of wealth, or hardened keeps to protect your family. It is assumed you start with a Simple Wooden Hall.

Name Cost DV Glory Maintenance
Simple Wooden Hall 0 1 0 0
Simple Stone Hall 26 2 0 0
Large Wooden Hall 29 2 2 0
Large Stone Hall 35 3 2 0
Great Wooden Hall 50 3 5 1
Square Keep 30 10 0 1
Tall Squre Keep 50 15 0 2
Huge Keep 100 20 0 3
Stately Manor 300 0 35 15

Package Deals

Sometimes you can buy sets of things built all at once. They’re not the best, but if you need to get some defenses built in a hurry, they’re great! No exchanges, refunds, or complaints will be heard

Name Outer Cost Inner Cost DV Maintenance Includes
Bailey 18 8 5 0
  • Ditch
  • Palisade
  • Gate
  • Simple Gateworks
  • Manor Fortifications

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