Marriage Rules


So, the general house rule is instead of restricting things by sex, we restrict them by class. Thus men or women can become Knights, but then they are socially treated as Knights. Men or women can become Ladies, but then they are socially treated as Ladies. This has caused some troubles with marriage rules, so I am going to lay them out here for you.

Marriage In General

You may keep mistresses of the same sex and no one is going to bat an eye, but Logres is a Christian country and therefore marriage is between a man and a woman. I was thinking about this, but the rules are clear. A Knight who does not produce an heir is not fulfilling their duty. So, man or woman, you are expected to get married and just produce kids.

Marriage between Knights and Knights.

This does not happen. This is so unthinkable that no one would ever condone it. Doesn’t matter the pairing, Knight shall not marry knight.

Marriage between PC and NPC

This is the expected, and you get a Lady who will produce you children and can make a yearly Industry roll. You can even stat them up if you need more characters to keep track of. Alternatively if you’re playing a Lady, you get a new PC Knight

Marriage between (your) NPC Knight and NPC Lady

So you’ve got brothers and sisters (presumably) who you’re keeping track of, so you make a political alliance to cement your household. In this case, your family gets a dowry, and you can start making passive childbirth rolls for them. Keep that family growing.

Marriage between (your) NPC Lady and NPC Knight

In this case YOU have to pay the dowry, but provided the person you’re marrying is not a landed knight, then you get a new family knight for your household. Otherwise your lady goes off to live with them, but you get a political alliance to another manor.

Marriage between NPC Lady and NPC Lady

Males are clerks or all sorts of things, so this is another type of political alliance. Both families exchange dowries (they don’t split the difference. Don’t be cheap). At which point the lower status family member goes to live with the higher status family member. This still gets you a political alliance, so they’ll have to roll Love Family if you’re in trouble!

Marriage Rules

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