Miscellaneous Knight Deaths


Not all Knights are notable heroes, or worthy even of their own character entry. Sometimes they show up and are mercilessly killed off like the NPC fodder that they are. However, they shall be remembered here!

Knight Deaths

Year 482 – The Conquest of Summerland

  • Sir Dorian was a knight under the command of Sir Carver who defended a bridge of Summerland against Uther’s invasion. He faced off against Sir Liam O’Mally, and was promptly war-flailed into oblivion.
  • Sir Bellingham was enraged at the death of Sir Dorian, and rather than facing Sir Gariant charged Sir Liam in a rage. It ended for him no better than Sir Dorian’s fight.

Year 484 – The Siege of Eburacum

  • Sir Malether was invited to the feast hosted by Sir Liam, where he proved himself a distinguished hunter and won the contest there. He died at the Siege of Eburacum.
  • Sir Tydoc was an attendee of Sir Liam’s feast, but failed to win any event and was the first person beaten down by the Irish knight in a duel. He died at the Siege of Eburacum.

Year 485 – The Missing Horse

  • Sir Hwald: Whlle Sir Gariant was away, his home of Harnham was pillaged by Saxons. His former squire, Sir Hwald, rode out to face the invaders but was tragically slain.

Year 491 – The Siege of Cornwall

Year 492 – The Condemnation of Merlin

  • Sir Eyre – Household Knight of Durrington. Died in the Battle of Boscastle to the elite Irish warriors skewering him on his horse.

Miscellaneous Knight Deaths

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