Pugnacious Knights


The pugnacious knight is brave (Valorous), even foolhardy (Reckless). He knows there is nothing more important than his good name (Proud), avenging slights against it (Vengeful). Pugnacious knights uphold the practice of largesse (Generosity) and expect others to keep their word (Trusting), while knowing that above all else, might makes right (Arbitrary).

A knight requires 80 points from Vengeful, Generous, Proud, Reckless, Trusting and Valorous. Since a pugnacious knight is capable of dictating his own rules, he must use his Arbitrary score in place the lowest of these traits.


  • Benefit: +1d6 points of damage.
  • Glory: 100 glory per year.

Pugnacious knights cannot also be Chivalrous.

Pugnacious Knights

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